What are the characteristics of the hydraulic automatic pipe bender?

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What are the characteristics of the hydraulic automatic pipe bender?

Compared with other transmission methods, hydraulic transmission has the following advantages and disadvantages:

1. The advantages of hydraulic transmission

1) Hydraulic transmission can output large thrust or large torque, and can achieve low-speed and large-tonnage movement, which is a prominent advantage that other transmission methods cannot compare.

2) The hydraulic transmission can easily realize stepless speed regulation, with a large speed regulation range, and the speed can be adjusted during the operation of the system.

3) Under the same power condition, the hydraulic transmission device is small in size, light in weight and compact in structure. The hydraulic components can be connected by pipes or integrated connections. The layout and installation of the hydraulic components have great flexibility, and can form a complex system that is difficult to form with other transmission methods. 4) The hydraulic transmission can make the movement of the actuator very uniform and stable, and can make the moving parts reversing without reversing impact. And because of its fast response speed, it can realize frequent commutation.

5) Simple operation, convenient adjustment and control, and easy to realize automation. Especially when combined with machine and electricity, it can easily realize complex automatic working cycle.

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