Design of Multifunctional Hydraulic Automatic Pipe Bending Machin

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The multi-functional hydraulic automatic pipe bender is based on the existing pipe bender. It optimizes the mechanical structure, improves the degree of automation, increases the pipe bending model, and enables one pipe bending machine to process various specifications of pipe fittings and pipes. The movement of the machine is stable and flexible, and the intelligent module is designed to realize automatic angle adjustment, which greatly saves manpower operation tasks and improves the work efficiency and the processing accuracy of pipe fittings.

The multi-functional hydraulic automatic pipe bender mainly consists of a mechanical part and a control part. In the process of processing pipe fittings, the rotating die device, the clamping device, the lifting device and the mold traverse device are all powered by the hydraulic system, so the hydraulic The design of the system is very important. In the process of designing the overall structure of the hydraulic pipe bender, the following issues are focused on: the law of change between common pipe bending deformation and bending moment; the structural design of the pipe bender mold lifting device and the connection design with the lever; bending Design of pipe machine clamping device, baffle structure, reducer and other structures; calculate and check the main components such as shaft. In the design process of the hydraulic system of the pipe bender, the selection of hydraulic components, the analysis of the load of the hydraulic system, and the final determination of the main parameters of the servo system and the control plan were mainly carried out.

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